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The EXEN fuel infusion technology can be integrated to all diesel engine systems including power generation, ground, marine, air, mining, construction and land transport.


Though diesel engines will vary in detail, our fuel infusion technology design shares commonality and scalability.

Power Generation


EXEN‘s technology enables operators to extend the useful life of their legacy platforms and improve the profitability of their modern installations. 

EXEN is actively working with power plant operators to achieve better profitability while reducing their environmental impact. Our unique leasing options provide operators with the opportunity to adopt this new technology and achieve an immediate ROI from day one of commissioning.



Recent disruptions due to IMO 2020 mandates are causing ship owners to rethink their fuel strategies. Owners who opt for low sulfur diesel to stay in compliance are forced to manage the higher costs associated with this premium fuel.

Integrating EXEN fuel infusion systems to marine engines will increase their efficiency in excess of 20% and visibly reduce opacity.

Heavy Equipment
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Two of the biggest challenges that heavy equipment operators are facing is fuel cost and its limited availability in remote and extreme environment.

With the increased fuel efficiency provided by EXEN infusion technology, the operators will produce more work with less fuel and cut the cost of fuel transportation and logistics.



Although the business environment is challenging for railroads and others in the transportation industry, we believe there are significant opportunities for railroads to gain profit — if they considered the EXEN infusion technology as a solution.

With the recent fuel cost spikes, the EXEN novel fuel process can save operators thousand of gallons of fuel per year.

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